Our Team



Midday 'Tender
Michael has been with us since the beginning. Catch him Tuesday-Friday serving up looks + kava on the mid shift!


Morning 'tender + Inventory Rocker
Lauren has seen the birth of MWK from start to completion! A signature ray of sunshine, catch her on select mornings throughout the week!


Night 'Tender + Brewer Extraordinaire
Austin is a fantastic human who graced us for the first time in early 2019. Catch him here some weekn nights + some mornings while he's in to brew our great products!


Morning 'Tender
A sweet sunshiney face we hold near and dear to our hearts around here, Kristen (aka Fritz) has been with us since mid 2019. Catch her here on select morning shifts to brighten your day!


Allstar 'Tender
Jordyn is a fantastically talented human being who has been with us since the end of 2018! We love her charisma, talent, + good vibes she serves our community. Catch her a couple days a week behind the bar!


Night 'Tender
Zak is one of our favorite characters behind the bar. Ask him about anime + socail causes if you're in the mood for a riveting conversation!


Social Media + Content Creator
Photos? T-shirt designs? Merchandise? New products? This website? Sierra made it happen. A jane of all trades, Sierra is gifted in advertising design, strategy, and all things branding. Catch her slingin' shells once in a blue moon behind the bar, too- otherwise, she's posted up hunched over her computer making it all happen.