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Our love for kava can be felt everywhere at Muddy Water Kava and Tea Cafe. Come sit and sip some of our amazing brews and let the positive vibes flow! Muddy Water is a community that promotes good vibes and intentions, and we do that by serving the most authentic kava in St. Petersburg.

Not only does the #getmuddy team works hard to make sure each patron's experience is superior, but we also like to experiment with new ways to brew and serve our amazing Kava. Whether you are a veteran kavasseuir or a newbie - Muddy Water Kava has you covered!

Coffee + Tea

We proudly serve the finest, locally roasted, consciously crafted, organic coffee + tea. Stop by to try any of these refreshing beverages, seven days a week!



There are many botanical substances that are known to have significant and positive effects on both physical and mental health. Muddy Water proudly offers a variety of these natural botanicals in addition to kava, coffee, and tea.

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What Is Kava?

Kava began as a ceremonial root-tea in the South Pacific, made from a  plant which belongs to the pepper family. This tuber is also known as the "intoxicating pepper", and can grow to around six feet tall, easily identified by its heart shaped leaves.

Here where we are today, we have adopted the root-tea and brew it authentically as a means to relax with our friends and chosen family. Honor this island tradition with us- BULA!

Alternative Botanicals

We offer a variety of different botanicals to choose from, and we like to make sure you know the difference. Be sure to ask any of our experienced, knowledgeable 'tenders about the wide array of botanical products we carry- from damiana, rhodiola, yerba mate, to kanna, matcha, and even kratom. We're confident there's something tasty and uplifting for everyone- don't be shy! 


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