About Muddy Water

The Guys With The Muddy Vision.


Muddy Water Kava & Tea was established in 2016 with the intent of bringing a unique atmosphere and sense of community to St. Petersburg.  At Muddy Water, we promote positive vibes and positive attitudes while diligently serving the freshest kava, coffee, tea and organic botanicals on the market.

About the boys: Bryan discovered kava early on while he was searching for ways to relax and unwind naturally. He started bringing his long time friend Kevin with him on these rooted endeavors across Florida (and even some out of state trips, too!) After frequenting bars all over and falling in love with the comfort, acceptance, and charisma of the kava community, these two St. Pete natives dreamed up an inclusive addition of their own they made into a reality- Muddy Water Kava & Tea.

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Our Team



This is Michael, affectionately called Murray. He's been with us since the beginning- he enjoys video games, cats, and sass in all forms. Catch him on mid shifts!


Catch Ian pulling up in his mint-condish, vintage Fiero. He loves mullets, ska, + possums. He’s a our chief kava pourer on nights + weekends, + will for sure drink more kava than you.


A sweet sunshiney face we hold near and dear to our hearts around here, Kristen (aka Fritz) has been with us since mid 2019. Catch her here on select morning shifts dropping puns while slingin' shells to brighten your day!


Lanna is a Saint Pete native + has been part of the kava community since 2015. She loves to play guitar, make art, + listen to true crime podcasts. Have a shell with her while talking about bugs or lizards + you'll be best friends, guaranteed.


Zak is a character you won't want to miss behind the bar. If you ever need suggestions on games, movies, tv shows, or other need related things- he is more than happy to offer a variety of suggestions! Catch him on select night shifts throughout the week.


Xen is a new arrival from the east coast of FL. They are a psych student at USF (GO BULLS!) + they love poetry. They’ll be working mid shifts -be sure to welcome them with open arms + have a shell (or a few) together!


Georgia is MWK’s Marketing Director. She manages social media, events, this website, branding + all other things that fall into the marketing category. You’ll find her behind a screen, caring for the plants around Muddy, or having a shell + hanging with her dog, Durango.