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Our kava is of the most premium quality, made with attention and care that can be tasted in every shell. Originating in Vanuatu, the kava is packaged in a state of the art, health regulated facility, before it is shipped to Florida. There, the largest, most reputable distributor in the U.S. Supplies it to us. We provide multiple types of kava that will help achieve relaxation and comfort.
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What is Kava?

Kava’s origins can be found int he South Pacific islands of Vanuatu and Fiji. It is cultivated in other locations as well, but most prominently grown in the Vanuation and Fijian island chains. Kava has been consumed in these South Pacific islands for centuries and reference of the ceremonial drink have been dated back as far as 3,000 years... Read our full article

40-35 Coffee Roasters

40-35 has perfected each taste to meet the expectations of the customers.
Foothills High Roast– Medium Roast blend with a wonderful aroma.
Mountain Avenue City Roast– Dark-Medium roast with well balance taste.
Horsetooth Italian Roast– Most robust flavor with a hint of acidity – Ideal for expresso.

The Tea Alchemist

The Lover- Mood boosting blend, with mild aphrodisiac properties.
The Fighter- Pain relieving properties.
The Scholar- Enhance focus & mental energy.
The Monk- Relax the mind & body.
The Guardian- Sooth an upset stomach, while boosting one’s viral immunities
The Mystic- Loaded with antioxidants, and may assist with recovering from fatigue.
The Dynoma- Get your system going, and heat up your natural metabolism.
The Dreamer – Calm, relaxant. Helps to induce dream states and lucid dreaming.


We source our Botanicals from the most reputable origins in order to maintain a high level of quality and consistancy throughout our entire selection of beverages. Our Collection of mood-enhancing botanical beverages include: Rhodiola, Dominiana, Yerba Mate, and more…

Our Botanicals are guaranteed to promote a healthy and happy experience.